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Legal Cost Recovery

Generally in litigation the loser is ordered to pay the winner's costs. This doesn't give the winner a complete indemnity but it should give him the opportunity to recover 80% of his costs. Of course he will only make a recovery if his opponent has the money or assets to satisfy the amount payable. Therefore if you are a claimant it is advisable to make enquiries into your opponent's financial position before incurring substantial costs in pursuing a claim.

Whether you are a claimant or a defendant you should find out whether you have any legal expenses insurance and consider after the event insurance.

Most firms of solicitors will, as a matter of course, instruct a costs draftsman to deal with costs negotiations and any assessment. While we may instruct a draftsman to prepare a bill of costs we usually carry out the negotiations ourselves and represent our client in the event that there is an assessment of costs by the court.